There are exciting times ahead – the brands that are being planned, innovations and collaborations that will change the industry practices and the manufacturing methods that will squeeze efficiency to the last drop. We would like to share the story as it evolves, and share our knowledge and secrets as they get reposited. What better way than to engage with the media!

Founded in 2013, Fashiano Lifestyle Pvt. Ltd. designs and manufactures quality fast fashion at affordable prices. The company’s two brands Texco and Feminari are available at all leading fashion marketplaces. At, external brands and product-lines are also hosted.
Rattan Agarwal, the CEO, has 32 years of industry experience and is the third generation in the family to take up manufacturing of clothing. After graduation in 1983, he honed his skills in Tirupur, the biggest hosiery hub of India, and has been running his business in Delhi since 1997.